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Rochester waterways: Lake Ontario - The Genesee River - The Erie Canal - Irondequoit Bat
Today Rochester's waterways are mostly about recreation. These guys are fishing in the Genesee River near the University of Rochester.

 On November 8, 1803, Col. Nathaniel Rochester (1752–1831), Maj. Charles Carroll, and Col. William Fitzhugh, Jr. (1761–1839), all of Hagerstown, Maryland, purchased a 100-acre  tract from the state in Western New York along the Genesee River. They chose the site because its three cataracts on the Genesee offered great potential for water power. Beginning in 1811, and with a population of 15, the three founders surveyed the land and laid out streets and tracts. In 1817, the Brown brothers and other landowners joined their lands with the Hundred Acre Tract to form the village of Rochesterville.
Later came the Erie Canal, which made Rochester a center for the production of flour. Rochester owes its existence to our waterways.

Rochester's Waterways
High Falls made this town.
A clear sky allowed us to get a great look at a completely frozen Lake Erie. Notice how Lake Ontario shows up dark. Ontario is much deeper so it rarely freezes in Winter. Even a Winter as cold as this one! 
Scott Hesko
- Meteorologist for WROC-DT & WUHF-DT

Boating on the Erie Canal near Genesee Valley Park

February, 2014

 Entering Irondequoit Bay
Monroe Ave
City Projects