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Ontario Beach Park and Port of Rochester
Entrance to Ontario Beach Park

Ontario Beach Park is located in the northwest quadrant of the City on the shores of Lake Ontario. This 39-acre park contains one of the Great Lakes' best natural sand beaches.

Whether taking a romantic stroll along the picturesque pier, riding the 1905 Dentzel Menagerie Carousel, boating, or picnicking, Ontario Beach Park provides everything for a perfect summer--or winter--day at the beach

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Ontario Beach Park and the Port of Rochester
Monroe Ave
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Palm trees? We got 'em!
Charlotte Pier (slippery - covered in ice) Use caution.
Ontario Beach
New Marina
Charlotte-Genesee Lighthouse
Three sheets to the wind?
The Port of Rochester is located on Lake Ontario where the Genesee River meets the lake, about 9 miles north of downtown Rochester. The Port offers attractions and activities for the entire family:
  • go boating or fishing
  • swim, lay on the beach, and play in the sand
  • walk Charlotte Pier during a gorgeous sunset
  • hike or bike
  • attend festivals, concerts, and outdoor movie screenings
U.S. Brig Niagara
July, 2017