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Monroe Ave - Rochester, New York
We don't mind walking!
We don't mind the snow!
This webcam features livestreaming of the busy intersection of Monroe Avenue and Canterbury/Dartmouth

Monroe Family YMCA 
797 Monroe Avenue, Rochester, NY 

Monroe Ave
I personally spend a great deal of time on Monroe Ave and the Park Ave area. I am a member of the Monroe Family YMCA and support many of our local businesses. Kudos to area residents that strive to beautify our neighborhood by planting flowers and keeping our streets clear of litter. 

Monroe Ave itself is a somewhat gritty urban street that serves as a main artery to downtown. There a variety of alternative shops and restaurants on Monroe, which also has a lively night scene. If you need a tattoo or a beer, for example, Monroe is for you. (HINT: don't decide to get a tat after having consumed alcohol, and please don't ever drive under the influence.) Thank you.

Park Ave, on the other hand, has a more artsy reputation. Here you will find many bistros and cafés, and a pleasant neighborhood for a brisk morning jog or a relaxing evening stroll. Park Ave is not the best street for biking, however. It's too narrow and lacks adequate room for cyclists. Be sure to watch out for people opening their car doors without looking.
Be sure to take a walk down Oxford Street in the spring when the marigolds are in bloom. Oxford is one of many streets linking Monroe to Park Ave.
A few shops on Monroe Ave.
SEA (South East Asia) Restaurant is one of my favorites.
Starbucks of Monroe is a popular spot.
OXFORD SQUARE: Archimage, Aaron's Alley, and Aladdin's Restaurant draw in people from all over, but new shops are springing up on Monroe all the time.
I don't know why I am telling you this, but this is the  best barber shop in town. If everyone starts going here, I'll have trouble getting an appointment. Diane and Linda are great!
There are many great places to eat on Monroe Ave, but in my opinion, Aladdin's has the most healthful fare.
Hollywood Spirits on Monroe in the former Village Green Bookstore
DogTown: Get your hots here!
Tenpstad Garage is located behind the Hess gas station, near the YMCA.
Archimage reminds me of some of the shops I've seen in Carmel, CA.
Southeast Asia Restaurant is a great place to stop for lunch.
The Avenue Diner is my favorite for breakfast.
Here are a few favorite business establishments on Monroe Ave:
What's playing at the Monroe?
Lately, nothing. In its time, I'm sure the Monroe was a very elegant theater. After its heyday, it became a porn shop and a real eyesore. When RiteAid wanted to open up a new store, they had to agree to refurbish the theater because many felt it was a gem that needed to be preserved. RiteAid lived up to its side of the bargain, but after several years now the former cinema continues to be vacant and once again is starting to deteriorate. 

I am sure this a wonderful location for a new business of some kind, but I do not know what.  If you have any ideas how to bring it back to life, please let someone at City Hall know. The actual auditorium part in the back is gone, so it's just mainly the front that remains. The property has great potential, but someone with vision needs to step up to the plate.
There is always something the kids will love at The Strong.
New businesses are going up all the time in Rochester lately. 
Plans are in the works to further develop the former Genesee Hospital site. More information will be posted here and photos will be posted regularly so we can all monitor progress. It should be exciting.
ESL is located across the street from The Strong.
Alexander Park
330 Monroe Avenue 
City contact phone: 585-428-6895
ABOVE: Examples of new businesses on Monroe Avenue.
Be sure to take a walk down Oxford Street in the spring when the marigolds are in bloom. Oxford is one of many streets linking Monroe to Park Ave.
Redevelopment of THE BUTTON LOFTS on Monroe Ave is underway.
 (Above photo: 3/27/2014) 

Originally the home of M.B. Schantz & Co. Button Factory, these loft apartment homes feature high ceilings, oversized windows with expansive views, sleek modern finishes, exposed beams and brick work. The lofts will be available in one and two bedrooms.

The lofts will be available for move in starting September 1st 2014. Here's a link to their website:

Photos of their progress will be periodically posted here.
Be sure to take advantage of Monroe Ave Farmer's Market every Wednesday (4 -7 p.m.) during the summer months. Live musical entertainment is featured every week too.
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