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Highland Park - Lilac Festival
You will certainly enjoy a stroll through Highland Park any time of year. Of course strolling through the park in the wintertime would be a challenge, but even then there is sledding and skating. Highland Park of course is most celebrated for its lilacs, and the Lilac Festival is one of the city's major events.

Highland Park is a beautiful 150 acre park that is host to many fun activities, events and interesting attractions. Highland Park offers the Lilac Festival in May, where there are games, crafts, food and fun! The Lamberton Conservatory, which is a beautiful collection of plants from many different places, is open all year around. Many memorials and gardens are located in the park, including The Vietnam Veterans Memorial, Workers' Memorial, Victims' Rights Memorial, and the AIDS Remembrance Garden. Lily Pond provides a natural skating rink in the winter. A softball diamond is also available for rent.
                   Highland Park: Don't forget your camera!
People come from all over come to see the lilacs and magnolias.
Pansy bed 2014
Lilac arches
This bench has been removed.
The Reservoir
BELOW: The skating pond is located across the street from Highland Hospital on South Ave. (See map below.) There is a sign at the entrance to the pond indicating if it is open for skating. Be sure to skate on the pond only when it is open.

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In June, 2001, following initial inquiries and preliminary discussions with residents and merchants in southeast Rochester, the Southeast Area Coalition, Inc. formed the Committee to Rebuild the Children's Pavilion in Highland Park. It worked with a local architectural firm to develop a feasibility study of the reconstruction of the Children's Pavilion in Highland Park. More
Rochester Lilac Festival 2016
May 11-20
 Highland Park
Lilac Parade: 
May 12 (10:30 a.m.​)
Official 2018 Web Site​

En route to the Lilac Festival Parade

A walk in the park
Getting buzzed
Flower children
May 8, 2014
Monroe Ave
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