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Braddock Bay
Braddock Bay

Braddock Bay, sometimes improperly referred to as Braddock's Bay, is a small bay of Lake Ontario located in Monroe County northwest of Rochester, New York in the United States. Braddock Bay is renowned for being an excellent bird-watching location, as raptors and other birds congregate there when migrating north in spring.

The bay's name is derived from a "barbarous mispronunciation" of its original name, Prideaux Bay, which referred to British General John Prideaux. The name was first given after Prideaux and his force of 3,200 soldiers encamped at the bay in 1759, on their way to the Battle of Fort Niagara during the French and Indian War, where Prideaux would be killed. Initial mispronunciation of the bay's name led to some confusion with British General Edward Braddock, resulting in the bay's current name.

The primary purposes of Braddock Bay Wildlife Management Area (WMA) are for wildlife management, wildlife habitat management, and wildlife-dependent recreation. This WMA is a 2,125 acre parcel which was transferred in 1982 to DEC from the NYS Office of Parks, Recreation, and Historic Preservation. This transfer did not include approximately 375 acres, which includes Braddock Bay Marina, Braddock Bay Park (day use area), and Beatty Point, which was leased to the Town of Greece.

This expanse of grasslands, marshes and open water, just west of Rochester on the south shore of Lake Ontario, is an important stop on the Atlantic Flyway for large gatherings of migrating raptors, waterfowl, and songbirds in the spring and fall. The geography here funnels thousands of birds to food, shelter, and nesting sites among the wetlands, scrub, and woods. Braddock Bay Wildlife Management Area has been designated as a Bird Conservation Area.

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