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Rochester, New York is my home and I love it!
Welcome to!

I am a proud Rochestarian who very much enjoys living in such a fair city. It's not paradise: we have our problems, but in general it's very liveable. I reside off Monroe Ave and enjoy walking, biking, or taking the bus (only $1) to get around. I also enjoy taking pictures of our city and will use this site to showcase my photos and videos.

Public art abounds in Rochester!
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Personally, I like to walk, bike or take the bus to get around town. Encouraging people to lead a healthy lifestyle is one of the goals of this website. 
With more than a million people living in the metropolitan area and surrounding suburbs, Rochester has the entertainment and culture of a big city, but the friendliness of a small town. Whether it's to our world-renowned jazz and film festivals, professional sports events, independent theaters, museums, parks, or one-of-a-kind restaurants and boutiques, Rochester has something for everyone!

Leave your car at home. Take the bus!
Did you know there is a movement to rebuild the pavilion at Highland Park? 
Rochester is HAPPY!

This website went online January 31, 2014. 

It only costs a buck to ride the bus in Rochester. What a deal!
ABOVE: Voyage to Downtown Rochester Aboard the Sam Patch Packet Boat

We don't just kid around! 
 (Then again, maybe we do...)

Rochester Haunts: A Ghost Hunter's Guide Paperback 
by Dwayne Claud

Tour Rochester's haunted locations and read about a black mass at the Childtime Learning Center that knocked down the children's cubbies and dark-hooded individuals that hold rituals at Mount Hope Cemetery. Visit a spirit at Farmer's Tavern and Inn that chases away guests, and encounter moving shadow figures in the basement of the Main Street Armory. Whether you are looking for things that go bump in the night or simply want a chill down your spine, this guide will take you on a journey of the undead that you won't soon forget.


Ghosts Of Old Rochesterville Paperback 
by Ralph Esposito

 Local ghost stories from Rochester, NY and nearby towns collected by paranormal investigator Ralph Esposito. This is a volume of family, neighborhood and historical ghost stories mixed with local history. Most of them were told to the author by the people who actually experienced them.

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Rochester, New York
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