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Rochester, New York is my home and I love it!
Welcome to!

I am a proud Rochestarian who very much enjoys living in such a fair city. It's not paradise: we have our problems, but in general it's very liveable. I reside off Monroe Ave and enjoy walking, biking, or taking the bus (only $1) to get around. I also enjoy taking pictures of our city and will use this site to showcase my photos and videos.

Public art abounds in Rochester!
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Personally, I like to walk, bike or take the bus to get around town. Encouraging people to lead a healthy lifestyle is one of the goals of this website. 
With more than a million people living in the metropolitan area and surrounding suburbs, Rochester has the entertainment and culture of a big city, but the friendliness of a small town. Whether it's to our world-renowned jazz and film festivals, professional sports events, independent theaters, museums, parks, or one-of-a-kind restaurants and boutiques, Rochester has something for everyone!

Leave your car at home. Take the bus!
Rochester is HAPPY!

This website went online January 31, 2014. 

It only costs a buck to ride the bus in Rochester. What a deal!
ABOVE: Voyage to Downtown Rochester Aboard the Sam Patch Packet Boat

We don't just kid around! 
 (Then again, maybe we do...)

Wings of Progress